L’infidélité en question

L’infidèle c’est toi, c’est moi, c’est nous, l’infidélité ça commence ou ? Par un rapport sexuel, un regard, une fellation ? Tout le monde a ses limites, ses règles, son idée sur le sujet, tout le monde y a déjà été confronté de près ou de loin, ça fait partie du jeu, comme le plaquage

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Relations entre les jeunes

Le désir d'une relation amoureuse saine De façon générale, les jeunes associent une relation amoureuse saine à : partage, fidélité, confiance, complicité, faire l’amour, communiquer, vivre un sentiment de plénitude. À l’opposé, ils associent une relation difficile, non harmonieuse et vouée à l’échec à: tricherie, mensonge, jalousie, contrôle, perte de réputation, éloignement des amis, obsession

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Order Out of Chaos in Turkey?

FMP's Josh Friedman returns to Turkey two months following Turkish parliamentary elections. Turkey still has not formed a new government, but it does have a new war or two. Friedman reports from Istanbul, where a day prior, not one, but two terror attacks occurred. Might the chaos have a political purpose? Watch the previous reports

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Test 2


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WTF Are… The Top 18 Genders to Be?

You probably thought, when reading the headline that this was something explaining which gender identities are superior and why. Those on the right would assume that this article will promote homosexuality. Those on the left would assume that this would promote the two traditional genders. In fact, this is not the case, no one gender

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Greece’s Odious Odyssey

Greece's Odyssey The saga of the financial trouble in Greece continues. Something that some would have expected to end much sooner, like the journey of Odysseus. To cross from Troy to Greece ought to be a short and straightforward journey. For some reason this was not so. Again, much like the journey of Odysseus, which

Farage Withdraws UKIP Resignation to Remain as Party Leader


Ding Dong the UKIP Dick Is Gone

Mr. Cameron's Conservative party has won a landslide victory in the recent UK elections. Such a wide majority was expected by very few sources. While not all might agree with the result, this cloud does have a clear silver lining. The leader of the xenophobic UKIP party, Nigel Farage has resigned. This follows the disappointing

From the Bottom of a Well to President of a Nation

Every day we come across inspirational and amazing stories. None can be more inspirational than going from having only a single rat as a friend to not only leading a nation, but setting an example for world leaders across the globe. This story is that of the former president of Uruguay, José Mujica. Mr. Mujica

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