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Where Does Your Passport Rank?

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Seven countries issue passports that provide more visa-free travel options than the U.S. passport, according to recently released rankings. German citizens have the world's top travel document. Henley & Partners (H&P), a residence

Brits To Vote In June On Staying In Or Leaving The EU

David Cameron UK Prime Minister David Cameron has set June 23 as the date voters will decide whether or not Britain will stay in the European Union. The UK has been a member

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New Hampshire Primary Recap

By ARNOLD FRIEDMAN Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two staunch critics of America's political establishment on the right and left, scored decisive victories in the first national primary election of this year's contest for president

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Migrants Storm UK-bound Ship

Several hundred migrants stormed the French port of Calais on Saturday, and about 50 of them boarded a UK-bound ship, CNN reports. Police arrested 35 people, 24 of whom were migrants and 11 of whom

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Farage Withdraws UKIP Resignation to Remain as Party Leader


Ding Dong the UKIP Dick Is Gone

Mr. Cameron's Conservative party has won a landslide victory in the recent UK elections. Such a wide majority was expected by very few sources. While not all might agree with the result, this cloud does

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